Giuffre of any kind, and you will, to my training, We never ever even satisfied their own up to their deposition inside 2016

Giuffre of any kind, and you will, to my training, We never ever even satisfied their own up to their deposition inside 2016

“Dershowitz showed up for the airline logs to own Epstein’s individual sprinkle, plus an airline that have an enthusiastic (apparently young) woman called ‘Tatiana’ whom don’t seem to suffice any organization goal to possess Epstein.” (Accessory 1330-step one, declaration out-of Paul Cassell, Giuffre’s lawyer)

“Dershowitz had indicated in 2003 he try a highly personal pal away from Epstein – in fact, that only individual outside their instantly family relations having exactly who he mutual drafts off his guides is actually Epstein.” (Attachment 1330-step 1, declaration regarding Paul Cassell, Giuffre’s attorney)

“Attempts was made to depose Dershowitz or otherwise see guidance out of your throughout the their expertise in Epstein’s sexual abuse during 2009, 2011, 2013, and you can , and he had stopped all those jobs.” (Attachment 1330-1)

“We never ever had sexual experience of Ms. From the swearing compared to that, I am on purpose presenting me to help you an effective perjury prosecution and you can disbarment if i am perhaps not informing the truth… It is inescapably obvious this of us is actually sleeping under oath. I am aware this is simply not me personally.” (Attachment 1330-cuatro, Dershowitz’s bound statement)

“Data is produced pursuant to that subpoena … Most of the current email address from your server that has the term ‘Dershowitz’ otherwise ‘dershowitz.’ … All data with which has the phrase ‘Dershowitz’ or ‘dershowitz.’” (Accessory 1328-28, subpoena to help you TerraMar Venture, Maxwell’s nonprofit)

“Alan’s preference on the young and beautiful are an opinion for a flowering business relationship ranging from him and you will Jeffrey.” (Attachment 1328-6, Dershowitz’s motion to possess permissive input and unsealing regarding judicial files during the and therefore an excellent draft regarding Giuffre’s unpublished tell-all memoir was quoted)

“You’re simple and ought to go after Dershowtiz range. He is a leading attorney and then he has not adopted the newest do not say things to possess anxiety about lawsuits. He has rightly named Year bluff and shouted his innocence. You must operate and you will refute brand new allegations or perhaps labeled bad by the connection and therefore can lead to other testing and you will worse … Consult with Deshowitz. Try not to ease you to ultimately JE because that isn’t the way in which commit.” (Connection 1330-twenty-two, current email address off attorney Philip Barden so you can Maxwell)

“i experienced Iisa svenson the fresh swedish water ambassador yesteady she said no-one on the ocean panel requires these matters undoubtedly and you can you would be welcoe on the water conferenec liquids conference etcetera.” (Accessory 1330-5, email away from Jeffrey Epstein so you can Ghislaine Maxwell)


Through the their particular deposition, Johanna Sjoberg asserted that she grabbed an image when you are seated with the the new lap out of Prince Andrew, which set his hands on the breast if you’re good “puppet” brand of british regal, wear Giuffre’s lap, had its hands put on Giuffre’s nipple. When Maxwell is actually inquired about the event, she would not respond to so much more concerns up until they demonstrated the newest puppet in detail. “There’s a puppet – not an excellent puppet – there’s a good – I’m not sure how would you explain it simply, I am not sure how would you define they. Perhaps not a puppet, I am not sure how you would determine it. A good caricature away from Prince Andrew which was inside the Jeffrey’s house,” Maxwell told you. Like with certain information regarding Giuffre and you may Sjoberg’s testimonies, Maxwell insisted she couldn’t “recollect” using photo for the puppet. “We recollect the brand new puppet but I do not remember one thing inside the puppet.” (Accessory 1327-27, Maxwell’s deposition)


Inside the a movement to own leave attached on the court documents create Monday, Maxwell rejected plaintiffs’ claims she and you can Epstein “got threesomes which have multiple different girls whoever names she cannot even consider,” regardless if she did accept to help you a great “partners instances” regarding sexual connections into the Hand Seashore about late ‘1990’s with Epstein and you can “women who was in fact an identical many years” just like the their own. (Attachment 1328-thirty-five, Defendant’s Activity having Log off to help you file a great Sur-Reply)