On the way, it met Ye Sheng’s body, having a mystical bronze situation secured to his straight back

On the way, it met Ye Sheng’s body, having a mystical bronze situation secured to his straight back

It chose to simply Avrupa kadД±nlar take him right back to have a proper burial. Mingfei sent the human body when you’re Nono transmitted possible. Quickly this new castle began to crumble, each other simply controlling to escape courtesy Hand and you can Norma’s help. Nono and observed a problem inside the Mingfei’s suit and you will chose to render your hers when you find yourself she held her breathing up until they could get to the epidermis. Shortly after apologizing in order to your to possess placing your in danger, the brand new diving bell sunk regarding the skin locate them out. Prior to entering they, Norton arrived and you may impaled Nono’s upper body along with his tail. Powerless, Mingfei given out and woke right up when you look at the a plans, and then he are sleeping from inside the a sailing vessel.

The original deal [ ]

“Has one girl altered you anywhere near this much? For thousands of years, you have been so searching for a number of one thing, however you would have never wanted to do anything like this prior to. Aunt, you simply fell for the my personal pitfall”.

Regarding vessel, Lu Minzge asked your and made him a deal: He would render Mingfei new cheating codes he needed to save yourself Nono and you may defeat the newest dragon king, in exchange for the authority to 25 % out-of his lives. Nono had currently shed 90% off her bloodstream and you can Mingfei was defenseless against Norton.

Away from solutions, Mingfei acknowledged the offer. Mingze provided your limitless fuel for a short span of time, the capability to play with a yanling expertise out-of his alternatives, you to usage of “Try not to Pass away”, and you can a powerful gun. Mingfei chose Caesar’s skills and you may Mingze started the new bronze case, and you may a set of swords appeared. Mingfei find the smallest one to, and therefore happened to be the terrible one centered on Mingze.

Just after leaving the latest attention, Mingfei utilized the requirements to leave of one’s dive bell, fix Nono and you can face the latest dragon king. The elevated hearing provided with Caesar’s skills 1st overwhelmed him, however, he grabbed benefit of their improved strength in order to stab Norton’s humanoid system regarding breasts, and work out him drain towards the bottom of your own lake. Signaling brand new dive bell, the brand new crew of your boat took them back again to cover.

Wake [ ]

Norton is actually ultimately murdered from the a philosopher’s stone round shot of the Sakatoku Mai. Caesar previously battled the brand new dragon king within epidermis and you can handled to hit him with the cutting-edge torpedo. Cassell University is unaware of Mingfei and Mai’s positions from the race and experienced Caesar to be the only real one guilty of Norton’s beat, very he had been named a beneficial dragon slayer. Mingfei got a meeting with the main, which promised him advanced levels provided he wrote a beneficial thesis in regards to the purpose. The primary and additionally gave your a letter of his mommy, which congratulated your having his achievements for the objective and expressed their own pleasure to have your. Mingfei teared upwards immediately after learning they and you can kept the space. Anjou took Mingfei’s 3E test out-of his dining table, observing you to definitely Mingfei drew themselves seated from the windows with Lu Mingze, exactly who Anjou recognized.

Romantic days celebration [ ]

After relieving, Mingfei is mortified observe his photographs from the goal published on the Night watchman message board. Not simply did the new photos neglect their heroics but captured your within his extremely shameful moments. Mingfei in the near future knew the images was indeed written by Thumb. Caesar disrupted its dispute and you can asked them for some pepper. The two have been amazed to see him not just in its dormitory strengthening but putting on an enthusiastic apron. It then followed their club president towards kitchen area, where he was cooking pizza having Chu Zihang. Little finger told me the sort off Romantic days celebration to Mingfei and how brand new occasion prompted the newest rivals to become listed on forces to convince Nono and you may Susie to leave of their space.