Yet not, Shorty escapes, thoughts down seriously to the bank, however, will get dropped by Gloria

Yet not, Shorty escapes, thoughts down seriously to the bank, however, will get dropped by Gloria

He goes back toward bank, however, becomes dropped by Gloria who has been guaranteed fifty of the Drysdale, no matter if the guy mode a birthday celebration cake whenever she turns fifty

Season 8, Episode 21 Shown: 2/ The marriage To save Shorty lined up, Shad has built a crate since a marriage present to continue him away from delivering away. He becomes taken back to rehearse the marriage, and you will after a hit a brick wall take to, avoid into the financial and you can brains on the secretarial pool. As he gets right back, the guy gets locked throughout the crate, however when again outsmarts Jethro and you can let’s themselves away. At mansion, brand new Clampetts and you can Elverna was informed a court can wed Shorty and you may Elverna right away, and you will Jed and Elverna see the bank. Before they are available, Shorty and you will Gloria have one last dance. After Jed and Elverna appear, the newest judge states the guy do not carry out an alternative ceremony, and Jed, Drysdale, and you may Elverna learn that Shorty and you can Gloria got partnered.

After that Jed joins brand new girls, who are lacking dudes, not much so you’re able to Jed’s surprise

Season 8, Episode 22 Shown: 2/ Annul One Relationships After Shorty and you may Gloria get married, someone however the a couple of them wishes the wedding annulled. Gloria decides she would desire to experience exactly what their particular new way life commonly wind up as, and you will Jed informs her one he will reveal their unique. As he calls the fresh new mansion to inform them to set up the latest cabin, Grandma believes the guy had hitched also. But when both “couples” return home, Granny, Jethro, and you will Elly learn that Shorty had hitched, however, Elverna don’t, and you may Gloria got partnered, however, Jed did not, making Jethro and you will Grandma believe one another people have a hollywood relationship. Shortly after things are cleared up, Shorty will get secured backup regarding Slovakisk kvinder dating the cage and you will Gloria becomes a first-give experience of just what ranch every day life is like. Shorty strategies Jethro to allow your from the cage, and you will monitors up on their the fresh wife. Although not, Gloria has zero fortune just like the a ranch wife and you can determines so it can have up. Shorty are unable to faith how much cash from chaos she seems, if in case Elverna notice the couple its marriage isn’t appropriate, they plan to split up. But Jed later discovers Shorty on crate, which have closed themselves during the just like the Elverna are looking great to help you him.

Seasons 8, Occurrence 23 Aired: 2/ Hotel for women The family aren’t able to find Granny everywhere, leading them to proper care, primarily Jethro, once the the guy doesn’t want for eating Elly’s preparing. Jed figures this woman is about nothing cabin, and that the woman is. Each of them decide to stay truth be told there, and you will Shorty provides the residence. He opens it as a resort for women. The secretaries away from Drysdale’s financial want to sit truth be told there and see. Drysdale learns it’s Jed’s residence, and you will Jane figures he’s carrying it out as the the guy knows just how oppressed the girls was. Drysdale in addition to chooses to contain the money he or she is preserving to have a christmas funds – getting himself. The latest girls relocate, and you will Shorty finds Helen and you can Gloria laundry the underwear. Helen and you will Gloria get-off setting new dining table, and Jed get a hold of Shorty clinging up the tidy, all ladies undergarments. Shorty informs Jed that they are his, and in case Jed asks Shorty regarding prolonged pair, Shorty claims he’s Jethro’s. The guy minds with Jed to discover the eating, and you can Jethro turns up, troubled that the work Shorty had to own your failed to work out because there was indeed no feminine. Shorty tells Jethro he’s ill. From the restaurants, Jethro tries to enter to participate the new girls. Jed, Elly, and you may Granny was these are Shorty’s strange models. Jed goes to the latest mansion, and finds a lady decreasing new steps. He observes it is Jethro, calls Shorty aside, who believes Jethro cannot lookup bad, and says to Shorty going domestic.